Logitech Tap Scheduler
Logitech Tap Scheduler
Logitech Tap Scheduler
Logitech Tap Scheduler


Logitech Tap Scheduler

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Logitech Tap Scheduler: Your Meeting Room Concierge

Transform how you manage your meeting spaces with the Logitech Tap Scheduler. This dedicated scheduling panel not only enhances room visibility but also streamlines the process of finding and booking meeting spaces. With its clear LED indicators and a spacious 10.1" touchscreen, scheduling is made intuitive and efficient, right at the doorway of your meeting room.

Key Features:

  • Visibility at a Glance: LED lights signal room availability from afar, allowing quick identification of open meeting spaces.
  • Interactive Touchscreen: Engage with a user-friendly 10.1" screen to view meeting details, claim rooms, or book future meetings with ease.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Ready to be configured as a Microsoft Teams panel, ensuring seamless integration into your Teams-based workflow.
  • Professional Installation: Comes with all necessary mounts for glass, mullions, and walls, ensuring a sleek and professional look in any setting.
  • Clean Cable Management: Multiple routing options for the single PoE cable maintain a tidy and clutter-free installation.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built with robust components for long-lasting performance in any corporate environment.
  • Centralized Management: Compatible with Logitech Sync for comprehensive monitoring and management of your meeting room devices.

The Logitech Tap Scheduler is the perfect addition to any modern office, providing a sophisticated and practical solution to room management challenges.

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