Logitech Rally Bar Mini + Tap IP - video conferencing kit


Logitech Rally Bar Mini + Tap IP - video conferencing kit

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Logitech Rally Bar Mini + Tap IP: Compact Video Conferencing with a Big Impact

Transform your small meeting spaces into powerful communication hubs with the Logitech Rally Bar Mini and Tap IP video conferencing kit. Designed for smaller meeting environments, this kit combines the technological prowess of Logitech with the seamless integration of Microsoft Teams Rooms, ensuring every meeting is just a touch away.

Key Features:

  • 4K Camera Excellence: The Rally Bar Mini boasts a 4K camera with motorized pan and tilt, capturing every participant in crystal-clear detail.
  • Immersive Audio: Equipped with three speakers and a sensitive microphone array, the Rally Bar Mini ensures that every voice is heard with absolute clarity.
  • Intuitive Touch Control: The Logitech Tap IP features a 10.1” touch display, offering effortless control of your meetings with a user-friendly interface.
  • Sleek and Organized: Both the Rally Bar Mini and Tap IP are designed with integrated cable management, maintaining a clean and professional look in your meeting space.

Optimized for Microsoft Teams Rooms:

The Rally Bar Mini + Tap IP kit is optimized to enhance your Teams experience. With easy installation and a touch controller that's always on and ready, your team can collaborate with confidence and ease. Upgrade your small meeting spaces to the forefront of technology and productivity with Logitech's Rally Bar Mini + Tap IP kit.

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